The long awaited crash Update 8th August 2012


Thank you for being patient with us, we thought we’d interrupt the blogs here, just as we have finished our tour of Tasmania before we recommence our tour back on the mainland.


For those of you who are very good and follow our blogs you know I was expecting to return to the Alfred for some x-rays of my pelvis and collarbone, I was hoping for some good news. However a week before this I ended up in a lot of pain on my left shoulder and thinking the worst I got Kev to run me around to the doctors. This culminated in the diagnosis of a torn tendon, one of the major ones, the upshot of which I am not allowed to bear weight on it. In plain English a right royal pain in the neck, literally. It means I cannot wheel myself in my chair anymore, for approximately 4-6weeks till it starts to heal.


After a few phone calls I managed to secure myself some new “legs” in the form of Jazzy, a nifty electric number. As always everything comes with a price and although I am now mobile again in the house, it is way too heavy to go in the car so if we go anywhere, I am 100% reliant on Kev or whoever is pushing me in the old manual chair.

The results from the Alfred show that I have partial bone healing on both the pelvis and collar bone which is good news, however the joint is new growth and just not strong enough to support my full weight and walk unaided as yet but (and it is a very big butt having sat on it for so long) I am allowed to stand.  Wooooooo Hoooooooooo. 

How did we celebrate this epic news when we got home, we went to sleep for an hour, as you do….it was a 5am start to miss the traffic in town and we were both knackered. Fully revived Kev grabbed the camera and I tentatively stood after three months of being seated………..

My knees quivered and my legs quaked but up I went and the world suddenly seemed very small and everything very low. Letting go of the chair was hard, almost a movement too far. A moment of triumph, I have the gold medal (sorry, had to rub it in about the Olympics a bit). After barely a minute I sat back down again with a big grin.

It will be a lot of physio from here on in, strengthening muscles and building up core strength, good days, bad days but today is a massive leap forward in the recovery and I am excited again for the first time in ages. 


Kev has been kept very busy by the Moto Guzzi club of Victoria, I don’t think they wanted him to have time to think and dwell on things and as a consequence at times I have hardly seen him all day. He is doing what he loves and is ensconced in bikes and grease and muck. In this photo he helped Pierre with a tree that had fallen across the driveway. Added to this he has been hard at it trying to whittle our 80,000 some odd photos to a mere 50 for display at a bike rally in the UK.  

The V Twin rally held at Fordingbridge in Hampshire is the Guzzi owners must do rally and one of the last we did before we left. The Guzzi owners club of GB produce a magazine bi monthly called Gambalunga (long legged) and they have been an ambassador for our exploits, publishing large features on us in the magazine. The club also gave us a donation recently to which we are truly grateful.

We are very pleased to announce that barring technical issues we intend to do a live skype link to the rally and our slideshow of photos will feature in the marquee. This will be during the weekend of 25th-27th August 2012 – 8pm our time, 10am UK time.

The stresses of the last few months have definitely added to the grey hairs on us both but we are over the worst. The Moto Guzzi club of Victoria have been a massive help to us and we will blog more about them when we finally catch up. Here are a few pictures of some of the Melbourne Guzzisti. The first picture is Nancy, Keir and Pierre. Pierre very kindly gave us use of a self contained apartment at his place and a car which has been so useful with me in a wheelchair. The second picture is Bronwyn (club secretary), Andy, Jan and Nancy again and the last picture is Craig, Paula and their son Callum. Craig is the outgoing club president and his family were a massive help to Kev while I was in hospital. There are many others who have helped especially Neil and John but we will get to them when we get back to Melbourne again in our blogs. We have made some really good friends through this who have given the injection of humour or support when it’s needed. The important thing was we were not alone in a strange city on the other side of the world and we are extremely grateful for that. In due course all this will blogged in detail but I am healing (slowly) and we have just got the panniers back from the repairers so we can now turn our bike back in to the travelling home, ready for when we are ready to continue living our lives and blogging it for your enjoyment.


Stay safe

Karen and Kev

Next up – back to the mainland

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