Blog 242 Classic racing at Phillip Island Jan 2013

Current News -Well not much has changed from 3rd May when we arrived in Vancouver. The ship has arrived in port but we are still awaiting the bikes arrival in the warehouse, fingers crossed. Meanwhile back to a more abbreviated version of our blogs, still in Melbourne in January.


Blog 242 Classic racing at Phillip Island. January 2013.


No visit to Melbourne would be complete without a trip down to Phillip Island.

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Phillip Island is steeped in the history of Australian motor racing. A circuit composed of the island’s interior roads (similar to our Isle of Man TT racing) was used for the original Australian Grand Prix in 1928 and continued to be used until 1935.

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In 1952 six local business men formed the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club. They commenced construction on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit which opened in 1956.


The pits

The pits

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The circuit closed in the late 1970s mainly due to costly repairs from its testing terrain right on the hilly coastline but was redeveloped and re-opened in 1989 to host the first international version of the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix and continues to host the race today.

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Ago waving

Ago waving

We were lucky to be around when the classic racing was on. Phillip island is a great circuit that allows you up close to the action and into the pits. Here is Agostini signing some autographs.


Giacomo Agostini strengthens his wrist by signing autographs at the Classic race Phillip island, Victoria, Australia.

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Sadly it was all over for this stunning Vincent outfit which spat it gears through the engine casing. Shame we never saw it run as it happened on the Fridays practice day. We were surrounded by many beautiful bikes, some racing, some road bikes.

Sadly this Vincent spat its gears out of the casing so it was shows over.

Sadly this Vincent spat its gears out of the casing so it was shows over.




We were able to ride the perimeter track to view the racing from all corners and found a shady spot for lunch.

Neil and Wayne realise the new scarf is a little too large.

Neil and Wayne realise the new scarf is a little too large.


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It was only a few hours ride from Melbourne so it was an organised club run. Pierre took us a lovely route down the back roads for a change and the weather ensured a good club turn out.


Everything stops for coffee.

Everything stops for coffee.

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A grand day out.

A grand day out.

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