Blog 246 Wilson’s Prom (Part B) Tidal River – March 2013

The night before Kev had been contemplating climbing Mount Oberon to watch the sun rise. Although I was doing really well with my walking mountain climbing was a bit ambitious considering it hadn’t been that long that I had been walking again. I decided after having consulted the blurb that he was going alone besides I was still feeling quite tired from the previous days walking. So I was feeling quite smug when I snuggled in for a snooze as he got up to leave on the bike early.

I spent the morning sending my mum some birthday flowers as a surprise and having a coffee with the neighbours in the campsite before doing some blogging. Kev did not return until midday, the climb had been hard and he agreed it was good I had not attempted it at this stage. His reward a stunning view.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0504

We enjoyed a pleasant lunch where we were always joined by the hopeful birds, we think the first one was a superb fairy wren. There were many around the camp and their colours all differed slightly from vivid blue almost all over to pale streaks on the head and chest. The parrots also patrolled our little camping spot, (we noticed they had their own territory and woe betide any intruder). We decided to relax by going for a snorkel on Norman beach although we didn’t expect to see all that much.

So we changed to our bathers and headed off.



The tide was a way out and there was only one rocky outcrop either side of the beach in which to snorkel in but we donned the masks and were hugely excited when Kev disturbed a huge Manta or Sting ray that glided right underneath the both of us. Lots of enthusiastic pointing smiling etc followed “did you see that, wow!”. The rest of the fish and coral we saw seemed so mundane after that.

IMG_3067 IMG_3058

After a good swim as we spotted an arrangement of driftwood over the surrounding boulders so we popped back to camp to get our cameras. It was very clever how the artist had balanced the driftwood so it would appear natural. By now the tide was coming in and cutting us off but as we were still in our swimmers it didn’t really matter.

IMG_0545_tn IMG_0557 IMG_0562_tn IMG_0573_tn IMG_3071 IMG_3090 IMG_3108 IMG_0597

We had a relaxing afternoon, walking back to the bridge over Tidal river for some daylight photos, tomorrow we planned to walk over the headland to the next bay Squeaky beach.

IMG_0011 IMG_0016   IMG_2711IMG_2719 IMG_0026IMG_2728

In the dwindling light we walked back up alongside Tidal river.

IMG_0572 IMG_0576 IMG_0581 IMG_2560

There were many wombats around the camping areas and we were fortunate to to see this one close up on our way back as they come out at dusk looking for food. It was hard to get a good photo in the low light. We had also been warned they had been known to rip open tents in their searches so we had to ensure we had put away all our food in the panniers.

IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_2639 IMG_2641

We had another sunset to look forward to. As the sun set it just got better and better with the reflections of the clouds in the sea. It was apparently a good time to fish as well with the change of tide from the river.

All of our pictures are straight off the camera there is no photoshop tweaking or special effects.
IMG_2922 IMG_2938_tn IMG_2948 IMG_2933_tn IMG_2962

IMG_0412 IMG_3001 IMG_2991 IMG_3038_tn

Next Up – Squeaky beach


  1. #1 by Ruth and Pierre on May 25, 2013 - 2:11 am

    I wander if it is the same wombats; one or two of them was on our way, the same path. And yes the walk to the top is a long one, but what a spot, your blog refresh our memory. Your photos are so good keep it up. Karen it is good you take it easy, on the long term it will get faster…. more haste less speed.

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