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Blog 250 Mallacoota – March 2013

  Current news – As we have said internet is sporadic so trying to catch up on the blogs has been a challenge. As we travel further North in Canada towards Alaska the scenery has become more stunning and so more photos have been taken compounding our task. We are virtually at the end of […]

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Quick Update 23rd June 2013

We are still alive in Canada and haven’t been eaten by any bears yet. Internet is very thin on the ground and there is too much to see and enjoy out here. Our current status is we are leaving Whitehorse in the Yukon heading for Dawson City via a few stops on the way. We […]


Blog 249 Goongerah & Errinundra National Park – March 2013

Current News – We’ve left Prince George and we are heading out to the Cassiar highway a more remote and beautiful route to Alaska. Meanwhile here is the next blog from Australia. Blog 249 Goongerah & Errinundra National Park – March 2013  It was one of those few days where we really didn’t get far […]

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Blog 248 Tarra National Park March 2013

Current News: We are in Prince George heading North to Alaska. Internet is sporadic and our usb stick will only work on 2G over here, we are tying to finish the Australian blogs and are nearly there. Blog 248 Tarra  NationalPark. March 2013   After leaving the lovely Wilson’s prom we headed away from the […]