Blog 250 Mallacoota – March 2013


Current news – As we have said internet is sporadic so trying to catch up on the blogs has been a challenge. As we travel further North in Canada towards Alaska the scenery has become more stunning and so more photos have been taken compounding our task. We are virtually at the end of our Australian blogs (Hurrah you cry). 

Our current whereabouts is Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada heading towards Dawson City in next few days.Here is our Mallacoota blog in Victoria Australia.

Blog 250 Mallacoota – March 2013


Now anyone who reads this blog will have to be sworn to secrecy, Mallacoota is a destination the locals enjoy, don’t tell any one how good it is. 


The camp ground was one of the largest in Victoria and swooped all around the bay. We were lucky as we were out of season, it was barely a third full so we got a prime spot overlooking the bay. IMG_0026 IMG_0091IMG_3960

There were many walks to explore from this area and we had half hour to spare after the tent was up. Strolling down Pittosporum walk we encountered this termite mound. We were surprised that it was this far South as we had only encountered them in the North of the country.



We arrived at Bastion point where we beach combed and found many anemones, starfish and one crab doing a great job of hiding.

IMG_3914 IMG_3928 IMG_3885 IMG_0038 IMG_0042

 We were even luckier on our way back and spotted a Lyre bird which danced in front of us before it saw us and flew off up into the tree still bobbing about. These birds are shy, only come out at dusk and are rarely seen. We even managed a short video of it too.


This was the view from our camp in the morning across the estuary.

IMG_3979 IMG_0090

After enjoying the sunrise and having breakfast we headed down to Quarry beach where we met the locals and got chatting, they gave us some good info on places to see one of which was the rocks strata at this beach. The colours in the rock are formed of dark grey sandstone, quartzite, shale, slate and chert.
The red layers are material rich in iron, the white quartz and the grey organic matter. The wave-like patterns are a result of folding and faults as the oceanic plate slides under the continental plate.

IMG_0157 IMG_3991 IMG_3990 IMG_3988

We rode into all the coves along our route.



IMG_0169 IMG_0180

A lovely ride in the forest along a gravel road lead us to Shipwreck creek, Kev spotted a large red belly black snake slithering across the track which he narrowly missed.

At shipwreck creek the river met the sea with a tiny sand bar in between. IMG_0186

We enjoyed lunch in our woodland surroundings. The creek got its name from Schah a 161 ton slave schooner which came to grief one stormy night in 1837. Lives were lost but thirteen survivors salvaged provisions from the wreck and walked for five days to safety. You can just about see me sitting on the rocks in the bay on the last photo.  IMG_4108 IMG_4080 IMG_4063 IMG_0221 IMG_0211

One of our recommendations was to do the Narrows walk so I guided Kev via a route called Lakeside Drive. No-one told the pelicans the jetty was private.



 In the parking area we chatted to another couple before we made our way around the edge of the lake. I was not fully fit so we didn’t push it too much and returned the same way.

IMG_4187 IMG_0274 IMG_0277

The day had been another scorcher and the green grass back where the bike was parked was something we had not seen for a while it looked so inviting we both fell into its lush long soft blades (and almost fell asleep).


  The old hut in the parking lot framed the boats in the bay beautifully.

IMG_4145 IMG_4193

It was a delightful walk in the dappled shade along side the water’s edge and we were entertained by this pair of cormorants? in a courting ritual. The would creep closer and bob and dip their heads.IMG_4168


The fishing was obviously good here too as we were heading back on the path the locals were coming in after work to catch supper.


The sunsets were pretty awesome too with the boats lined up on the water.

IMG_0327 IMG_3945 IMG_0395

We enjoyed our little holiday from our trip now we had to turn the bike back towards Melbourne.

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