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Blog 263 Sproat Lake 27th – 29th May 2013

  Current News – We have successfully negotiated Alaska USA, the Yukon and British Columbia in Canada and returned to bustling civilisation at Edmonton, Alberta Canada and a reunion with Scott whom we last met on the Trans Siberian hwy in Russia in not dissimilar countryside than we have just been through. Our plan is […]

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Blog 262 Sooke 24th – 26th May 2013

Current News – We are in Watson lake waiting for the greyhound depot to open so we can collect our tyres then we head south. We are slightly delayed due to a mix up in Whitehorse we expected a lovely new rear tyre we had ordered up on the first way through over a month […]


Blog 261 Butchart Gardens May 2013

Current News – Still in Whitehorse preparing to head south. We survived, I must say our first night of sleeping out with the bears and cougars was thankfully event free. I did have to put my ear plugs in as for the first half an hour I jumped at every little twig snap and wind-blown […]

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Blog 260 Victoria (Not Australia) May 2013

 Current News – We have completed our tour of Alaska and when we come to blog it you see why our blogs ground to a halt, its breath-taking scenery was just part of its attraction. We are now back in the Yukon Canada and will slowly wind our way back to British Columbia via Banff […]

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Quick Update 12th August 2013

Hi everyone, as you can tell from the lack of blogs Alaska has been brilliant, too much to see, friendly people and many things to do so the blogs have kinda taken a back seat. We are currently in Tok heading gently out of Alaska via Haines and Skagway. We also need to get south […]