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Blog 275 New Friends 18th – 19th June 2013

We woke to a menacing sky so packed up the dry tent first, just in time we rolled the bike under the camp shelter. Bear and Steph joined us in our makeshift garage and we enjoyed breakfast in the dry before we set off in the rain back on the Stewart-Cassiar highway described as the […]

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Blog 274 Salmon Glacier 17th June 2013

Continuing on down the road from Bear glacier we reached the town of Stewart, British Columbia, Canada our next stop was  Hyder, Alaska ,USA. For those with a good grasp of geography you’re probably thinking Alaska this soon how come ?  If you study the map  the Alaskan border runs down the edge of the […]

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Goodbye Montana, Hello Washington

Current News – 22nd October 2013 As you know the government shut down affected our intended route by closing all the National parks, we were able to wait a few days with our friend Jim to see how it panned out and to make some alternative plans. Luckily we had got into Yellowstone to see […]

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Blog 273 Hagwilget and Hazelton

A Current News update will be released shortly,meanwhile this is back to 15th – 16th June 2013 still in BC Canada. Donny sent us on our way with a belly full of pancakes, it was Kev’s first introduction to the American/Canadian style made using a much richer batter and lashings of maple syrup – the […]

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Blog 271 Hudson Bay Fur Company – 13th June

Fort St James was founded by explorer and fur trader Simon Fraser of the North West company in 1806 when he was exploring potential river routes to the Pacific ocean. The location on the side of the lake at the head of the Stuart river in territory inhabited by Dakelh First Nation people (also known […]

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Blog 272 River Trip – 13th June 2013

As we mentioned before Donny offered to take us out on the river in his boat. What we didn’t realise until we got to the dock was that it was a jet boat. We had seen plenty of these before in New Zealand where they were invented and we’d wanted to go out in one […]

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Blog 270 Fort St James June 2013

Current News – The predicted snow storm came through the Yellowstone area (we are outside the park boundaries), the snow settled and for a morning at least the land looked beautiful. The sun is back out again only a smattering of snow remains. Our plans are very fluid at the moment and we have many […]

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Blog 269 More from Barkerville – June 2013

Theatre to Cornish wheels – Barkerville 10th June 2013 We had only explored a little more than half of Barkerville and we had plenty more to see. This time round we were recognised by some of the ‘locals’ and we were able to engage with them and exchange pleasantries. We passed the bed and breakfast, […]

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Government shutdown affects Guzzioverlands travel plans

Due to the stand-off situation in the White house over the health care issues, the government shutdown of all non-essential services out here in America has affected our travel plans. We intended to travel through Yellowstone National Park amongst others. All national parks and monuments have been closed and barricaded off,  no visitors are allowed […]


Blog 268 Barkerville – A living history – June 2013

Current News – We are in Yellowstone NP, having explored a small portion of this magnificent park we are waiting a weather window to traverse the passes whilst dodging the snow falls to try to see some more  of the park before we continue our journey south towards the Salt lake city area. Meanwhile back […]

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