Goodbye Montana, Hello Washington

Current News – 22nd October 2013

As you know the government shut down affected our intended route by closing all the National parks, we were able to wait a few days with our friend Jim to see how it panned out and to make some alternative plans. Luckily we had got into Yellowstone to see Old Faithful before it all closed. Some snow had settled in Montana at Jim’s but after a few sunny days it was all clear again but our intended route south of Montana would be mainly on the continental divide i.e high country and more snow was coming.

Snow bike

Snow bike


Snow near Jim's Paradise valley near Yellowstone

Snow near Jim’s Paradise valley near Yellowstone

Kev and Jim in the snow

Kev and Jim in the snow

Traveling the passes in the snow

Traveling the passes in the snow


In one of those strange quirks of fate Jim needed to get himself and his three girls to Seattle the next weekend to attend a course they were enrolled in, aged 9, 10, and 14 they couldn’t drive yet so Jim was looking for a driving partner, the deal clincher he had a trailer.

We mulled it over for a few days and in the end decided that it was a good idea all round. Although Seattle was well north of our present position the weather on the west coast is a lot milder as the sea acts as a huge heat sink. The good news for us is that it doesn’t snow much along the coast and there are lots of state parks which would still be open.

It helped all of us out as it meant we could do all the driving on the way there and around the city and it gave us chance to start again on the west coast which was always our plan B if the weather got too cold. We drove a day and a half, 700 odd miles and arrived in Seattle Washington state on the evening of Thursday 10th October with our bike in Jim’s trailer.

L-R Front Zemma, Rose, Corrina and Karen. L-R Rear Kev and Jim

L-R Front Zemma, Rose, Corrina and Karen.
L-R Rear Kev and Jim


Jim had given us a whole new start, we have said goodbye to them and they are safely home again, we are still in Seattle and have now met the Guys and Girls at Moto International and some of the Washington Guzzi crowd. We are glad we didn’t miss them as they are a really nice bunch of people. All of this will be blogged in due course and our intention from here is to head south on the 101 highway hugging the coast. Judging by our usual tardy state of blogging it will be a couple of months before we meet everyone here and recount our adventures with them but we thought we had better explain the quantum leap in our route and position.

The shutdown is now over but we will still be heading down the Oregon coast in the following few days, next big stop San Francisco.


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