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Blog 284 Top of the World Hwy to Chicken

 30th June – 1st July 2013 Our route out of Dawson was over the aptly named Top of the World Highway, a mainly gravel road which was originally a pack trail from the gold rush era then later improved and called the ridge road. In the 1930′s the road was extended to the American border […]


Christmas Message 2013

Well Christmas is sneaking up on us fast so we thought it was time we wished everyone a Happy Christmas, we can’t be six months behind on that. We have pushed hard on the blogs in the last few days and successfully reached the end of our Canadian section, we will return in the new […]


Blog 283 Dawson City June 2013

Current News – We will probably spend the Christmas period in San Francisco house sitting for friends before we move off again in the New Year. This blog marks the last of our time in Canada before we traversed the aptly named Top of the World Highway into Alaska where new adventures awaited. Dawson City’s […]

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Blog 282 The road to Inuvik and Tombstone

 For many overland travellers the goal of reaching the Arctic circle is a big pull but getting into Alaska is not an option if you only have an electronic three month USA visa. This is because entering Alaska starts the USA visa ticking then you have to ride back through Canada and the lower 48 […]


Blog 281 Dedge No.4 June 2013

Current News – Well the blogs are being written so we must still be in San Francisco it’s been good to catch up with many things, family, friends, washing, tinkering on the bike and sight-seeing. Meanwhile back to Dawson City with blogs.  As the gold rush developed more and more sophisticated methods were employed as […]

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Blog 280 Panning for Gold 26th June 2013

Gold was the foundation of the global monetary systems for centuries and the lure of gold caused a series of western North American gold rushes that led to the Klondike “the last great gold rush”. The names Robert Henderson, Skookum Jim, Tagish Charlie and George Carmack were inextricably linked to the discovery of gold right […]

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Blog 279 Arriving in Dawson City 25th June 2013

Current News – Well we made it to San Francisco and with a police escort to the golden gate bridge (you’ll have wait about six months to hear about that). We are staying with a friend Patrick in Fremont for a few days before we move off again, so we may be able to get […]

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Blog 278 Keno City 24th June 2013

Current News – We have just had a fabulous ride down the Oregon and Northern Californian coast on Highways 101 and 1. We are now just north of San Francisco and are about to ride into the city tomorrow across the golden gate bridge. Can’t wait. Meanwhile back to summer in the Yukon and the […]

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