Christmas message 2014




Our first Christmas back in the UK winter and snow has been forecast….


It’s hard to believe this time last year we were in San Francisco with all the wonderful folks who really made our time there special.

So much happened this year as we made our way steadily towards our goal of South America. All you who follow the blogs know we sadly had to turn back and return home to care for Kev’s mum whose health had deteriorated.


Since our return in May we have had to embrace a different set of challenges. Although we both had to return to work we managed to purchase a Mercedes sprinter camper van which we have renovated and enjoyed some  holidays in. We got out on our bikes a fair bit this summer as well.


Our future is still uncertain as we remain in Margaret’s home for the time being (lucky we are used to living out of a tent, so one bedroom is not too bad). Her health still seems to be deteriorating and we still have no official diagnosis but with the help of the doctor we are still working on it.


We have learnt so much from so many of you as we encountered many people with amazing tales and stories of the experiences of life.  Our travels have made us stronger people ready to face whatever comes our way. Hopefully !


We send out warm wishes, hugs and kisses and hope you all have a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year

Best Wishes.

Kev and Karen

  1. #1 by Neil on December 30, 2014 - 11:08 am

    hi K&K. Hope you had a warm and wonderful Christmas back home with your friends and family. Sorry to rub it in, but we’ve had some brilliant (but changeable) weather down here in Melbourne. Thinking of you both and looking forward to when we might catch up, possibly in 2016. Have a lovely NYE and a prosperous 2015. Cheers, Neil and your mates from the MGCoV.

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