Blog 293 Exit glacier

Current news – We enjoyed our visit to Walnut canyon, Arizona and then took the scenic route passing through Sedona, Jerome, Prescott and Phoenix. All of these will be blogged in due course. San Diego is our last stop and then we cross the border to Mexico. In the blogs back in Alaska we are […]


Blog 292 Lowell point

Current news – We dodged winter storm “Titan” although the bike had a dusting of snow on it in the morning, we then retraced our steps back to the Grand canyon for an enjoyable couple of days. After going back through Flagstaff once more we are now heading to Walnut canyon before resuming our journey […]


Blog 291 Seward 14th July 2013

Current news – This blog may be the last for a week or two, tomorrow we backtrack to the Grand canyon before resuming our journey south again toward Mexico. In this blog we are heading down the Kenai peninsula to Seward, Alaska.   Leaving Wasilla we paused briefly as these cute old trucks outside a […]


Blog 290 Talkeetna and Wasilla 13th July 2013

Current news – It’s now snowing so we remain in our Flagstaff hotel one more day waiting for the storm Titan to blow through. We are writing about summer in Alaska. Blog 290 Talkeetna and Wasilla Before we left George’s we took the opportunity to check our e-mails and catch up on the computer a […]


Blog 289 Denali National Park

  Current News – We continued our intensive tour of the amazing national parks of Utah with Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands as well as some lesser known state parks Goblin Valley, Red Canyon and Valley of Fire. We have so many photos from these alone it will be hard to choose when we eventually […]


Guzzioverland are alive and well.

We were hoping to release our next blog with this update but since leaving Los Angeles we have been gobsmacked by one stunning place after another, our senses have been bombarded, light, colour, smells, sounds. We headed first to the quiet of death valley where we were treated to an astronomy lesson and saw our […]


Blog 288 Fairbanks again and the car museum.

Having successfully conquered the Dalton Hwy we headed back to Rad and Marianne’s. They were not only a big help on our outward journey but they also helped get us get ready to roll again on our return. The bike was plastered in corrosive mud mixed with calcium carbonate but thankfully Rad had a pressure […]

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Blog 287 Prudhoe Bay or Coldfoot return

Current news – We are in the outskirts of Los Angeles staying with a friend whom we met in Alaska. We are planning a circular route East into Arizona and Utah to include the big attractions before we resume our southward trend. Blog 287 Prudhoe Bay or Coldfoot return The rains stopped almost as quickly […]

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Blog 286 Atigun pass 5th July 2013

  Current News – As most of you will have guessed from the lack of recent blogs we broke free of San Francisco initially only briefly to enjoy the delights of Yosemite NP for a few days and after a quick return to SF we then headed south hugging the coast of Big Sur. We […]


Blog 285 Chicken to the Arctic circle July 2013

Current News – Happy New Year to all our family, friends and followers, you make the world a nicer place. It’s impossible to convey how much your support and friendships have helped us on our journey but thank you to each and every one of you. We celebrated in style and braved the not too […]

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