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Dont give up !

 We have had a few problems this week and we are still in the UK, but dont give up on us we havent !I will explain when we have more time but suffice it to say we are over the worst of it now and we are are booked on a ferry early monday morning, […]

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Leaving date

Hi all, we have had to delay our leaving date until wednesday to get a couple of important documents and loose ends sorted. We are both  flat out trying to get everything ready, it is going to be a mad scramble but the visa clock is now ticking !  Wish us luck (we are probably […]

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final preparations

We have just had our last jabs and booked the ferry for the morning of May 10th. We have had few people ask about riding down to the ferry port with us which is a nice thought but is probably best if we just slip away – less pressure that way. Catching an early morning […]


Russian visa

Wahey !Our passports arrived today complete with Russian visas,thank goodness for that ! If we hadnt got them the only other option was to go through China which is  even more difficult.. We have to get Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan before we leave as the letter of invitation  says it will be picked up in London. […]

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Aargh !

Just had pointed out to me this evening that it is only 3 weeks on fri until May14th which is when we absolutely have to be out of here. Provided we can actually get a ferry of course ! Hope that calms down soon. Still waiting on Russian visas. New video on website of roof […]

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Off Roading

1st real trial at off roading, no broken bones and Kev in one piece so good day all round. The outriggers fared better than expected, did some video shoots so will try to put on site soon. Still waiting on Russian visa’s but can go to Kyrgyzstan only the presidents fled because of the riots […]

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Clearing house

Karen has cornered me into helping to clear out our flat today. I have been having a clearout in my workshop to, I have found the workbench, havent seen that in a while. Back to the bike tom. Visas are coming along ! Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Red Letter Day

Whoo Hoo we’ve got our 1st visa Kyrgyzstan. Only another zillion to go. Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Russian invitation

I am actually holding a copyof our Russian business visa invitation which means we can now apply for our visa. I cant make head nor tail of it but it looks good! This truly is a red letter day- ha ha Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Leaving date and visas

We have been slaving over a hot computer working out timing for visas and scaring ourselves about how little time we have left. We are aiming to leave at the start of May which means we have a month to do about 3 months work, including emptying our flat, finishing the bike off, and applying […]

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