Maps / Routes

Where Is Guzzioverland?


Somewhere in Canada or the lower 48.

Proposed Route

We are aiming to leave around May 2010 and ride initially across France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria into Eastern Europe and then down to Turkey where we want to see and explore the Cappadocia region famous for its rock formations and caves. From here we intend to cross the Black Sea and enter Russia at Sochi. We then will ride across Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia before re entering Russia towards the end of the summer. Our target is Vladivostok on the East coast from here we can catch a regular boat to Japan which we intend to tour for about a month including visiting Kev’s cousin who has lived in Japan for nearly 30 years and whom he hasn’t seen in all that time. From Japan we can put the bike on a car transport ship to Australia but we have to fly, once we clear customs etc we intend to travel down the East coast of Australia from Brisbane to Sydney or Melbourne. This section of the journey is the one where our timing is not great as we enter Australia right at the start of their summer. Try as we might we could not get it right everywhere partly as we are crossing from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere which turns the seasons upside down.

Map of the Journey

We have more friends in Australia we would like to visit on the West coast but at present we cannot work out the logistics of doing so without compromising other plans (primarily getting to parts of South and Central America in the right season). Things are bound to change along the way depending on how our luck holds out anyhow.

From Australia we will cross the Tasman sea to New Zealand somewhere we are both really looking forward to exploring, we have planned to be here 4 months to allow us to tour the North and South islands fairly extensively. The next leg involves our longest shipping journey from NZ to either Santiago Chile or Buenos Aires Argentina where we will travel up the west coast mostly between the Andes and the ocean. At the top of Chile we have the option of exploring Bolivia or going on up into Peru, Ecuador and the end of the road Colombia. We have to ship from here to cross the Darian gap which is a miles and miles of impenetrable swamp and jungle where there is not so much as a track let alone a road. It would be lovely to fly straight to Mexico from here but alas no one seems to go that far so there then follows a head-down charge through the bureaucracy and corruption and anarchy that is Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala until we get to Mexico where we both want to slow down and explore some of its Mayan culture before entering the U.S.A and traveling up the West Coast in the Spring so we can cut across and explore some of Americas great wilderness: Oregon, Idaho and Montana before traveling past the great lakes possibly up into Canada and shipping home from the East coast probably either from somewhere in Canada or New England (in the fall- hmm that has a certain ring to it.